photo by YerYerOwn Kamerahm'n


HUMANWINE is the careful distillation of two very distinct and entwined forces. First of all, mix equal parts award winning vocalist Holly Brewer with multi-instrumentalist Matthew McNiss. Likewise, in contrast and proportion, add intuition and craft. As well, a dash of wit and a sprinkle of raw unfettered animalism. Then ample fire is applied to an appropriate amount of earth causing new vapors to leave behind old shells like a chrysalis. As the heat dissipates, the vapors fall down as if rain. Finally, time and inspiration do the rest. This is all you need to make a very healthy and potent batch of HUMANWINE.

Together, Holly and Matt write, record and perform music which is consistently called eclectic and impossible to categorize. Punks like it. Metalheads love it. The Folks Music scene whittles to it. Hipsters think it’s okay, they guess. The New Age crowd uses it for Tarot Card Readings. The EDM kids remix it. Steampunks seem to like the logo. Goths *sigh*. Everyone is quick to claim HUMANWINE as “their own”. Above all, the two agree, art is what the world needs. Consequently, the two publish all material under their own Nervous Relatives Records with a creative commons license.


Holly Brewer sings all day and all night. She sings in her sleep. Most of her compositions come to her when she’s driving or at bonfires. She grew up on Metal, Enya and trains. A duality of sacred and profane, many of her works juxtapose respectfully somber with lightheartedly brash.
Vocalist, composer, musician, producer, editor, artist.

“She talks like a sailor and sings like an angel” – A Homeless Man in NYC (keeping Holly company while she busked)


Matthew McNiss is a multi-media artist whose eclectic inspirations give rise to vast lands of expression. Sonic illustrator, writer, painter, producer, editor, developer, designer, tinkerer, cook. He’s currently working on a six track release for These Seeds Become Trees called “Back To Cloud”.

Nervous Relatives

Nervous Relatives was established in 2001 to house everything we create. Music, Video, 3D, Graphic and Web Design. Nervous Relatives is run by artists and has been producing, performing, developing, consulting and promoting Independent Art, websites and print publications since it’s beginning. We mix art and science in order to deliver innovative and professional design, illustration, photography as well as video and audio editing. Our state-of-the-art toolbox is made of the latest technologies and evolves every day.

Founders: Holly Brewer & Matthew McNiss
Website: https://nervousrelatives.com
Projects: HUMANWINE, The Folks Below, Timestamp, Holly Brewer, and These Seeds Become Trees.