Since 2002

Passionate and award winning vocalist, Holly Brewer with multi-instrumentalist Matthew McNiss, write and perform what is consistently called eclectic, uncategorizable, sincere, exotic and artful music. The two release all of their material with a creative commons license through their own Nervous Relatives Records.

Holly Brewer: Vocals/Piano/Guitar/Percussion
Matthew McNiss: Midi/Computers/Guitar/Vocals/Percussion

“Their honorable agenda is never to be shackled by labels, genres, fashion, geography, conventional definitions of what qualifies as a band.” - Barry Thompson

4 New albums in a bottle

HUMANWINE announces the release of their largest and most comprehensive work to date, aether. Spanning 4 albums based on the classical elements referenced in their names 'terra', 'aqua', 'aer' & 'ignis'.

aether holds 40 new tracks which range in genre from Electro-Acoustic, Electronica, Ambient, Glitch and 8bit to folk punk, orchestral, vaudeville and more.

aether is available for download or on a USB cork inside of a glass bottle. Codex, a 60 pg full colour art book was created in tandem with the 4 albums as the graphic companion of aether serving as a hard copy of lyrics sheets and album artwork that are typically associated with a CD or vinyl release.

"Holly Brewer, the iconoclastic gregarious tribal-tattooed ethereal singer/songwriter, has one of those voices descended from the heavens in the company of Lisa Gerrard, Elizabeth Fraser and Bjork."
- Oedipus

"HUMANWINE makes music that dances between raindrops, sending up green shoots between the broken cobblestones of folk, punk, mythology and open revolt. It is a soundtrack to broken rules and mutant genres, evoking a world that skips over the Age of Oil and all its cruelties, stitching together a patchwork of past and future, a do-it-yourself apocalypse that is strangely utopian."
- Dan Abbott