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13 years of solution oriented wake me up!
"HUMANWINE makes music that dances between raindrops"


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We love Art! This is why we will never stop Art from happening.
There are enough entities in this world trying to do that already.
We are certainly not going to aid them.

what do we mean [cc]?
we mean you have our permission to:

  • download, copy & redistribute our music from/to anywhere regardless of whether or not you have paid something for it
  • you may remix our music
  • you may cover our music publicly

All we truly ask of you is to make sure that:

  • We are openly and accurately credited (authors/release/year/etc).
  • That the work maintains this EXACT same license agreement.
  • That alterations are accurately and openly noted ("cover","remix" etc)
  • That the moral integrity & intention remain intact & unobfuscated
  • You not use our Art for commercial/publicity ventures. Contact us directly for things of such nature.
  • You not use our Art in any way which infringes or endorses the infringement of the privacy or rights of another.

So long as you respect the above aspects you are good to go and do not need our persmission.
We do like to see the growth of seeds we've planted though so SEND US A LINK :)

Obviously your financial support is HUGELY important to us, it is how we survive. However, possibly more important, is the distribution of Art for people to experience regardless of whether or not they have money. We truly believe in our Art and ourselves. By flooding the world with our Art we feel we help to awaken and enrich this wonderful organism we are all a part of.

note: our CC agreement does not necessarily apply to 3rd p(Art)y media (photos, videos, etc)

If you would like to contribute financially use our store or Donate.

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