Fighting Naked

Album: Fighting Naked

Fighting Naked takes you a little deeper into the minds of Holly Brewer and Matthew McNiss’ music together. Reigning in allegorical tales from deep within the heart of Vinland; Fighting Naked sets a full dinner table indeed.

Released March 14, 2014
Voice: Holly Brewer
Voice/guitar/piano: Matthew McNiss
voice/bass/piano/guitars/banjo: Paul Dilley
voices & Drummers: Brian Viglione/ Nate Greenslit
slide trumpet/harmonium/trumpet: Brian Carpenter
Sousaphone: Benji
Recorded at Mark Sandman’s old house & Camp Street
Produced by HUMANWINE
All songs written by Holly Brewer & Matthew McNiss
Concepts and stories resembling real life people or places are completely by chance or are they?