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photo by Ray Larose

Imagine if you could go back 3 years in your timeline and hang out with your younger self.  Not to give  advice or to warn yourself about future events – but just to listen. Listen to your/their own song from then. When you hear their “story of now” you catch things you thought you forgot or even meant to have forgotten. Nothing from your present time can distract you once they start talking because you have been brought there – completely. All the smells, colours and scenery come rushing back – tidal.

The sounds of that day/night and the gut feelings are on their back foot wearing exclamation points. You get it. You fully understand. YOU WERE THERE after all. 

You and your newly re/acquainted younger self wonder if you both can fold time again to visit your younger self from a few years before that. It worked! Now you BOTH meet you from 6 years ago and listen to the you’s “story of now”.

Some stories make you laugh, others are embarrassing, some reveal wounds you thought had long been scarred over but they all demand your attention and you ALL willingly give it. After all, they are all you. There are THREE of you so far and the yous are in it
for the long haul. Folding time upon itself, together. Adding one more you from whenever you all last were. Going deeper and listening. 

Whenever the yous go back in time, your selves go farther in together building your family of listeners until there are many versions of you listening to the littlest you’s “story of now”. The story that has been silently guiding you through your whole life hiding in your amygdala – with a megaphone.

You all look at your hands and each other’s faces. How they stayed the same, but different. Silver linings shine brightly through the cracks and together, as one big family, everyone listens in silence.

You have all spent a goodly amount of time – together. What now?

It’s time for all the yous and you to go back to everyone’s respective ‘now’ – with all that medicine. 

You break the rules and take everyone back to “your time”. 

Just for a short time.

More Music

The Folks Below

This debut self-titled release from The Folks Below reclaims and weaves stories from the underbelly of a burning city once consigned to oblivion.

The word on the street is that The Folks Below have excavated a number of clay plates made by the YerYerOwn. Each had the appearance of an ordinary piece of pottery with an incised spiral decoration on the underside. Upon closer examination we realized the spiral had to have been mechanically produced. While researching methods available to the YerYerOwn we used a copper cone to trace the spirals. A resounding cry of joy bounced off the walls of the vacant speakeasy when the first plate was tested. The YerYerOwn had disguised these clay recordings as everyday dinner plates. It is known that the YerYerOwn employ many methods to conceal messages from outsiders. This is the first of this method we have found. Of the XXXI plates we unearthed
XI have been decoded.
The sonic “quality” of the audio we could get from the plates was not fit for a proper release so we recreated what we heard and recorded it in a state of the art studio.

Holly Brewer – Producer, Composer, Writer, Vocals / Guitar
Nate Greenslit – Percussion / Vocals
Paul Dilley – Double Bass / Vocals
Jon Evans – Engineer
Recorded at Brick Hill Studios

Ask Me 03:08
Fern 02:34
Nightmare 04:31
Element 04:37
Breathe 04:27
Dementia 03:47
Rope Climb 02:55